The first CAMP BECKENBAUER Research Report

To host or not to host the Olympics – A transnational perspective

As part of the CAMP BECKENBAUER study “To host or not to host the Olympics – A transnational perspective” more than 12,000 citizens in eleven European countries and the USA were surveyed on how they feel about hosting the Olympics in their country. The resulting picture of transnational attitudes is representative of the opinion of more than 700 million people. The study was conducted by the CAMP BECKENBAUER Competence Team at the WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management, with assistance from Repucom. Country profiles and the analysis of Supporters, Opponents, and those who are undecided about hosting the Olympics provide specific approaches for mobilizing the population.

  1. The results of the CAMP BECKENBAUER study can be summarized in ten key statements:
  2. Democratic countries are in favor of hosting the Olympics – it can make people happier.
  3. Supporters are happy, socially engaged sports consumers who take it personally when it comes to the Olympics.
  4. Supporters care less about cost, but get a kick out of the reputation and culture radiating from the Olympics.
  5. Supporters think alike about hosting the Olympics, but would need to be mobilized to actually vote for it.
  6. Undecided are often female, everyday people with time constraints.
  7. Undecided are keen on avoiding extra burden on taxpayers, citizens, and their environment.
  8. Undecided can be reached by addressing the risks of hosting the Olympics and by precise mobilization through micro-targeting.
  9. Opponents are slightly older and do not really care about the Olympics.
  10. Opponents have the same priorities as the Undecided when thinking about the Olympics, but less consensus among themselves.
  11. Opponents are hard to convince of hosting the Olympics, but potentially prone to demobilization strategies.


The complete study is available as a PDF file at An executive summary of the key findings is included as an attachment.


Marcus Höfl (Founder and CEO of CAMP BECKENBAUER):

“At the CAMP BECKENBAUER Summit 2014, the challenges associated with hosting the Olympics were intensely discussed. One problem appears to be a declining acceptance of the Olympics, which has recently been most evident in the withdrawal of bids by Graubünden, Kraków, Munich, Oslo and Stockholm to host the Winter Olympics in 2022. The CAMP BECKENBAUER partners therefore initiated a transnational, independent study to analyze people’s attitudes to the Olympics.”

Prof. Sascha L. Schmidt (Director of the CAMP BECKENBAUER Competence Team at the WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management):

“It is necessary to think and act across national borders to initiate lasting change at sport mega-events. We conducted a survey that is representative of 700 million people in Europe and the USA to analyze transnational attitudes towards the Olympics.”


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